Meet the Team

Sebastian Stammler

Co-Ceo, Co-Founder, Development Lead

Sebastian Stammler leads the software development of PolyCrypt's off-chain protocols. He studied mathematics at Darmstadt and Cambridge and is a current computer science PhD student at TU Darmstadt in the field of applied cryptography, with a focus on secure multi-party computation.

Hendrik Amler

Co-Ceo, Co-Founder, Team & Project Manager

Hendrik Amler holds a Master's degree in computer science with a focus on IT-Security from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. As a Scrum Master he is coach, mediator, impediment remover, change manager and motivational anchor for the PolyCrypt development team.

Sebastian Faust

Research Lead

Sebastian Faust is a professor at the Computer Science Department of the Technical University of Darmstadt. He leads the group on Applied Cryptography, where his team develops new solutions for scalable and secure Blockchain technology. At PolyCrypt Sebastian is responsible for research on off-chain protocols.

Sasan Safai

Business Developer

Sasan has a long track record of successfully managing software projects in corporate and startup environments. He is making sure that PolyCrypt will spread around the world.

Matthias Geihs

Principal Software Architect & Researcher

Matthias holds a PhD in Computer Science from TU Darmstadt and previously worked in the financial services industry.
He supports the team with his knowledge in cryptographic protocol design and software engineering.

Marcel Kaiser

Business Developer

Marcel Kaiser is a business developer and a pusher of progress. His hands-on approach and high energy helps PolyCrypt move fast. He holds a Master's degree in economics and has some years of experience in blockchain project management.

Songyi Jimmy Lin

Brand Associate

Jimmy is pursuing the masters degree of Business Information Systems at TU Darmstadt. At PolyCrypt he supports the project management and administrative area. You can meet him at one of the conferences PolyCrypt is exhibiting at.


Steffen Rattay

Core Developer

Steffen is a core developer at Perun.
He started learning C++ at the age of 13, and has been a passionate programmer ever since.
He likes high-performance and low-level programming. His main academic interests are cryptocurrencies and cryptography in general.

Norbert Dzikowski

Core Developer

Norbert is a core developer at PolyCrypt. His main interest lies in computer security and the application of functional paradigms, furthermore he keeps reminding the team to stay on the tippity top of the mountain and from there, go even further.

Ruben Krüpper

Core Developer

Ruben is a core developer at PolyCrypt. He studies mathematics and wants test the limits of blockchain after 2 years in AI applications for the financial sector.

Philipp-F. Lehwalder

Core Developer

Philipp studies IT security with a fascination for cryptographic protocols and decentralization. He works as a core developer at PolyCrypt and strives to make scalable blockchain solutions more accessible by everyone.

Oliver Tale-Yazdi

Core Developer

Oliver is a core developer at Perun. He originally comes from the C++ world, but got hooked on the idea of Perun immediately.
Now he is one of the lucky core developers that help it grow.

Leandro Rometsch

Student Assistant

Leandro studied Computer Science and is currently pursuing his Master's in IT Security at TU Darmstadt. Since 2016 he has been fascinated by the crypto industry's potential and is especially drawn to topics concerning scalability and DeFi.

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