Use Cases


Trustless and efficient payments between platoon vehicles.

Platooning is a method for driving a number of vehicles together in a group at the benefit of improved energy efficiency and increased road capacity. Vehicles driving in the front are typically rewarded by the vehicles driving in the back in the form of regular payments for each unit of distance covered. Perun enables trustless and offline micropayments between vehicles in a platoon.


Risk-free micropayments between service consumers and service providers.

Some businesses provide very fine-grained services. For example, an API service provides an individual service with each API call being served. In some applications, neither the service consumer may be willing to make a deposit up-front for engaging with the service, nor the service provider may be willing to cover all the costs up-front without a guarantee that it will be paid later. Perun provides a trustless solution for usage-based micropayments between the consumer and the provider.


Build low-latency blockchain-based gaming applications.

The prevention of cheating, monetization of skill and players taking ownership of their progress: all these aspects can be realized with blockchain-based technology. It is crucial that low-latency and the integrity of the game’s state is ensured. The Perun Framework enables the realization of real-time games where, for example, payouts are made depending on the game outcome. If you are furthermore interested in a technology for realizing a decentralized and secure marketplace for NFTs, please also check out Erdstall.

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